Casino bonuses – the right choice when playing at an online casino or is it safer to not use them at all?

When you choose different casino bonuses it is not only above about percentage on offer. It is equally important that you look at the terms. Above all, it is essential that you know how the game looks with regards to the wagering requirements on the casino bonuses.

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Indeed, there is unfortunately only very few casino bonuses with no wagering requirements.

Feel free to explore the wager requirements in terms of the number of times the deposit, validity and possible exceptions before using your own money. In this context, we can mention that it may not always be optimal to play casino with casino bonuses. The obvious exception is in case you want the freedom to be able to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your account whenever you want. If you use casino bonuses on the deposit, you will indeed always be limited to some extent. It's the price you pay to get more play when you deposit.

To forgo a casino bonus you typically need to contact customer service at the current casino before you deposit any money. Otherwise, the casino bonuses will be credited automatically into your online player account.

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Casino bonuses

Do some sites offer different types of casino bonuses to the players, if so what are the different types?

With a deposit bonus it is always required that you actually replenish your bankroll. No deposit casino bonuses are, as follows from the name, a different matter. If you get an offer of the kind you do not need to make a deposit without getting a sum of game money credited your account for free.

The offer is free means that these type of casino bonuses can often be referred to as a free casino bonuses. Many online casinos have a greater focus on its mobile casinos and there are more than a few that offer both new and existing players the opportunity to take advantage of casino bonuses for games on mobile phones. What it usually comes down to is that you get extra casino bonuses when you make your first deposit at a mobile casino.

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It's not that the casino bonuses can be used only for games on your phone or tablet. You simply rather casino bonuses for you to see how mobile casino games work.

What are the best types of casino games to play using casino bonuses and will I win more money if I use them?

Proper use of casino bonuses to maximise profits all depends on what you like to play but also what games you’re good at and it’s made easier when you find the best no deposit bonus casino offer when it suits your game. It’s no use playing craps for example if you don’t understand the game fully and all the different bets you can make.

Likewise, it’s as useless to play online slots and video poker if you have no clue how paylines work or if you don’t understand wagering requirements or what a good RTP is. You should play as many free game versions to get a proper feel for both the software and the game type. Games by NetEnt will be different to games by Microgaming or Playtech for example and this is especially true with online table games as they might feature different side bets and bonus rounds even if you play the same variant.

Casino bonuses

Our Top 3 – The Best Games to play with Casino Bonuses when you join up to an online casino offering free money

  • Blackjack
  • Three-Card Poker or Caribbean Stud
  • Slots with a Progressive Jackpot

If you play any of these 3 types of game using casino bonuses, you will maximise your chances of winning big at an online casino.

This is because with blackjack you reduce the house edge massively by using a simple blackjack strategy. With three-card or Caribbean poker, betting conservatively over time can net you big profits and on a progressive slot you have decent RTP so if you land a big win it’s usually way more valuable, you might even hit the jackpot and then there’s going to be one massive payout that’s waiting for you after you withdraw your winnings.

Make the most of the day researching and putting into practice what you have learnt, it’s a great way to have fun, just find the right welcome bonus available for you and have a spin on that roulette wheel or bet on a lucky number, plus remember to read the details in the terms, conditions and gambling rules in the small print, as it gives you the outline of how the bonus should be used after making your cash deposits.

Finally, bear in mind that the exclusive bonuses inside the casino offer more rewards, studying the casino to join and picking the best one will payout long term, the latest casino no deposit bonus codes will only offer you so much first hand.